Do you wish to meet someone owning a similar trait like you? or do you want to meet someone with an otherwise minded?
Friends, Lovers, Business Partners, Families…

In various relationships, sometimes they are similar and sometimes they are the opposite, so they fit better together.
If it is a business relationship, it is most likely to have a complementary relationship to fill each other’s shortcomings.
Just like when I plan to proceed, I would need developers and designers.
Developers need designers.
They have to work together to get the final result.
Many times, they don’t understand each other and often stand at the opposite point like dogs and cats.
(At least people around me…)

What kind of person would you meet if you had to choose a friend or a lover?
If you want to experience a variety of situations and broader relationships, the similarities with you are not that important.
Rather, it is possible to feel fresh and extend to a variety of relationships through meeting people at the opposite point.
On the other hand, people who have a similar trait to you may be able to share a deeper sense of fellowship and spiritual understanding of each other.
More similarities results a similar behavior
It will be easier to understand and sympathize with each other without a word.
Does it feel good to meet people from your career group in society?
Since he would’ve had similar thoughts and experiences
So I believe he shares a similar trait with you
I live in a city and meet different kinds of people.
But I am lonely.

Even if I am standing in the middle of Seoul Gangnam, I am still alone.
Because crowds on the road feel like they are a different group of people
and they think they are walking their lives separately.
If I can recognize some of the people like me
Only one person in a black and white movie feels like a color.

Lonely city dwellers in the Metropolitan need people like themselves.
They don’t need people, they need people who can understand each other.
Even if they don’t end up in a relationship
I believe that you can get a little comfort in your life with simple conversations and experiences with meeting others,
Interchemes were created to find each other